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Tiny Dancers- This 30 minute class for 2 year-olds encourages the toddlers to use their imaginations while working on gross motor skills. They learn body parts while working on basic movements like walking, running, balancing, hopping, and marching. This is not always a recital class.

Creative Movement- This 45 minute class also encourages the dancers to use their imaginations while working on skills development. The students begin to learn social etiquettes such as taking turns and listening to the teacher. They are introduced to more ballet basics.

PRE (Ballet/ Tap Combo)- This 1 hour class continues developing movement skills and coordination while introducing more ballet basics and tap. This class allows dancers to act upon their natural love of movement and music as they explore basic rhythms.

Ballet- Ballet is extremely important for every dancer. Ballet equips a dancer with proper alignment, muscle development, and agility needed in other forms of dance. Ballet technique is a foundation; therefore, we require dancers in our leveled classes to take ballet.

Pointe- Students may start pointe with the approval of an instructor. New students to pointe will start in the pre-pointe class. This is a prep class that focuses on alignment and foot/ ankle strength. Except in rare cases, students will not be considered for pre-pointe until age 11.

Tap- Get ready to move! Tap is a dance form that uses the rhythm of the music and sounds produced by the feet. Our teachers do a great job of breaking down the basic tap steps and encouraging proper use of the tap shoe. This prepares our tap students for more success with advanced rhythms.

Jazz- Jazz is a popular dance style that allows dancers to showcase individual style. It has become more celebrated in recent years due to its popularity on television shows, movies, music videos and commercials. Jazz technique is based on the natural movement of the body and is designed to increase body control and coordination. Routines and class combinations are set to modern and contemporary music. Jazz is a fun and energetic style of dance that includes quick direction changes, leaps, and turns.

Leaps and Turns- This class is designed for experienced dancers who want to focus on leaps and turn combinations. Students in this class are strongly encouraged to take a regular jazz or ballet class in addition. This is not a recital class.

Stretch Class- Need to relieve some tension? Want better flexibility? Come try this class. This 1- hour class is a mix of active and passive stretching as well as core conditioning. Students in this class are encouraged to listen to their bodies and work within individual limits.  

Lyrical- Lyrical is an extension of ballet. Movement is connected to the music and the words to tell a story or mood through dance. Lyrical comes in many styles. Our teachers tend to be a bit more contemporary than classical. Dancers in our upper level lyrical classes must also take ballet.

Hip Hop- A fun and funky style of dance that is performed to current and upbeat styles of music. Hip hop styles are often used in commercial work.

Cardio Sculpt- This class includes 30 minutes of cardio such as jumping jacks, squats, and lunges. The remaining 30 minutes focuses on upper and lower body sculpting and core conditioning. Participants in this class need to bring their own mats and weights. Tennis shoes must be worn in this class, but running shoes are discouraged due to the lateral movement in the cardio section.  CLASS NOT CURRENTLY MEETING

Drill Prep- These classes are designed for those dancers preparing to audition for drill team. The class focuses on movements and arm placements used for pom, military, and jazz drill routines. The drill kick class is an intensive class that works on flexibility, kick technique, and stamina. SUMMER ONLY

Tumbling/ Acro- This class is designed to introduce tumbling basics to any student who is considering gymnastics but is not ready to commit to an intense program OR students who are ready to add acro work to their dance agenda. The class begins with basic skills and muscle development that lead up to cartwheels, front and back walkovers, handsprings, and aerials. It increases the students’ flexibility, strengthens core muscles, and teaches body awareness.

Adult Classes- Whether you are dusting your dance shoes off or putting some on for the first time, we would love to have you. We offer adult classes in ballet, tap, jazz/ lyrical, and hip hop. Adults can also join the cardio sculpt and stretch classes.

Musical Theater- Students will learn a brief history of the theater while also learning to sing and dance in a musical theater style. Students will practice voice, diction and speech. Skills will be displayed during a performance for families and friends at the end of the year. CLASS NOT CURRENTLY MEETING/ CALL FOR NEXT SESSION

Company (audition only) and All Stars- These classes are offered for dancers who want to perform. Certain weekly class requirements apply.   

Adaptive Dance- These classes are for dancers with special needs.  Dancers must have a parent or a volunteer buddy in class with them.  The class encourages social interactions, development of motor skills,  and increases body awareness all the while allowing the dancers to express emotions and individuality through movement.

At EPIC Center for Dance, we level our classes by age and ability.  Once you select which type of class you or your child would like to take, we will assist in your placement.  Our teachers will spend the first few classes assessing the students in each class to check for proper level placement.  We reserve the right to suggest schedule changes, if needed.  Having your dancer in the proper level ensures he/she will receive the best training possible.  Properly leveled classes will progress quickly and safely.

Class Types at EPIC...